About our products

About our products

A warning!

Swegways should not be seen as a form of transport in the traditional sense. Sure they have a 12 mile range when fully charged and a top speed of 15 km per hour however while there is a buzz riding a Swegway, they are not for long A to B trips albeit they can nicely be used around the office, indoors and in quiet places. They should not be used on the public road or even pavement. Please read our section on the law.

They’re easy to learn to ride but, like a bicycle, you can fall off and hurt yourself. Be careful using them. They can be dangerous if not used properly.  If your children are to use them outside of the home (and going round the kitchen is a treat) make sure they’re accompanied. They should never be used on the open road. Even adults should ride them in quiet places, in the country and off the road, where there is no traffic. They must not be used in a public place. Indeed, there are park events that have appeared in the UK where they can be ridden with others, under traffic free conditions.

Note that the Crown Prosecution Service announced on the 12 October 2015 that in its opinion using a self-balancing scooter on the public highway or in a public place requires a license and insurance. Read carefully the CPS’s announcement.


Our 6.5 inch Swegway is in over 7 colours, our 8 inch 4 colours and 10 inch 3 designs.

Variations in size of tyre

There are variations available in size of tyre. We can supply models with 6.5 inch, 8 inch and 10 inch wheels. There are price differentials. The 6.5 inch wheel models are those commonly sold in the UK however the larger the tyre, the greater the gearing, speed and ease of balance.

Most children and adults are delighted with the 6.5 inch version providing a speed of some 15 km per hour, a range of  up to  12 miles with battery charging  of about 2 hours, however, the 8 inch version provides a speed of 25 km per hour  with slightly greater range  with extra stability. The 8-inch version has Bluetooth and LED facilities while the 10 inch does not. Children should be told to be satisfied with the basic 6.5 inch. They go fast enough!

Samsung Battery.

We aim to supply a Samsung battery as opposed to the stock Chinese Lithium battery. The result is faster acceleration of the board and double the life of the battery.  

Our minimum aim is to take up the UL.com standard for the USA but UK standards are different. Over the coming months we intend to bench test our products, as suggested by Trading Standards. In the meantime, we are looking to acquire product from Germany.

While our German suppliers purchase from their own associate manufacturers in China, German certification of EU compliance is much more reliable than China.

•UK certified mains plugs and chargers are our standard to charge your Swegway. Beware of imports With non UK approved plugs and chargers. no circumstances should you charge for more than 3 hours.

January 2017