Truth About Safety

Truth About Safety

SwegwaysPlus is at the cutting edge of safety considerations. At Xmas 2015 some chargers caught fire, houses were set alight. The importation of Swegways from China became much more difficult. The Crown Prosecution Service published guidelines on whether a driving licence and insurance are necessary to use a Swegway published under “The Law” on this site

Chinese certification is very difficult to rely on. Whether a battery is called “Samsung” does not mean it is! The Chinese are good at producing fake documents. There has however been progress in the USA.

USA’s UL has a public safety mission  at the forefront of everything it does. It helps provide peace of mind to consumers, retailers and manufacturers by testing products  people use every day.

UL’s certification UL 2272, applies to the electrical systems for self-balancing scooters, primarily in the USA market and we believe that the UK market has similar values.

This UL standard evaluates the safety of the electrical drive train system and battery and charger system combinations, but does not evaluate performance, reliability, or rider safety as required in the UK.

If available, we sell UL approved products albeit when we do, this does not mean our products are UK approved. There is more work to be done to gain UK approval by UK bench testing of every part of a SWEGWAY.

In the meantime, our plugs and chargers are within the BS standard.

Safety recommendations

1.Keep the overboard away from flammable materials while charging.

2 DO NOT charge for more than 3 hours.

3.Use only the charger packaged with the hover board.

4.If an incident occurs, leave the area and call 999. Due to the nature of battery chemical fires, it may be incorrect to use a fire extinguisher.

5.Wear recommended personal protective gear.

Look for the UL mark for self-balancing scooters and the UL holographic certification label on the bottom of the product.

UL certified its first hover board – the Ninebot by Segway miniPRO (Model# N3M320) – in May, 2016 and has since certified additional brands and models including products from Razor USA, Hangzhou Chic Intelligent Technology Co Ltd., PTX Performance Products; Shenzhen Global E-Commerce Co Ltd., and Wuyi Chuangxin Metal Tools Co Ltd.

If you put FKIS* into the box with the title UL Category Code and then press search it will bring back all the companies who currently have a UL Listing for self-balancing scooters.  To view the actual products that have been evaluated by UL and are able to bear the UL Safety mark please click on the Blue link to file, far right column.  From here you will be able to see the location of the applicant, the model numbers covered by the listing and also some technical details including the manufacturer and model number of the System Charger Unit.

The attitude of Trading Standards to UL 2272

UL is a Notified Body for the EU Machinery Directive but UL standard 2272 has no legal status in the UK, and “… does not evaluate the overall safety of the self-balancing scooters” nor does it evaluate performance or reliability. 

Trading Standards stresses  that are no standards specifically for hover boards that enable us to presume conformity (i.e. harmonised standards), with the UK. It is all very awkward and difficult for traders to get things right without expensive bench testing in the UK for every single model produced.

As a Notified Body for Machinery, UL is able to put together a set of tests that will enable it to categorically say that a hover board does or does not comply with the EU Directive, so for the UK, UL would have to go beyond the scope of UL 2272.


Trading Standards has told us that by liaising with UL there is a possible way forward, and UL may be able to prove after rigorous testing, and possibly with changes being made, that our products satisfy standards here in the UK. Tailoring the USA standard for the purpose of the UK might be a good way forward. With this is mind, we intend to develop the conversation with UL.

As well as products which have been tested by UL, we have also sourced product from Germany and imported them. The Germans have a reputation for honesty and reliability and our German source of product imports from its very own Chinese manufacturing arm. The certification we have from Germany is EU compliant and with the addition of chargers and plugs fit for the UK our German source of product is proving reliable.

A new approach.

Generally, treat your SWEGWAY like a car – our products will require servicing every year and there may be a need for new parts. We are online traders, not trading standard experts. We have taken advice and applied also common sense.

We believe it will be many years if at all, before an annual service of a hoverboard can be avoided, especially with heavy usage. 

To our knowledge, we are the first in the UK to take this stand. This is why in our opinion, a warranty is so important but it’s a costly product and not just another ” giveaway”. We recommend that you buy one.

Our contracted expert service engineers will keep your product safe in tip top condition. This is, we think,  the way through the morass for the coming year.

January 2017